Kristiina Vuolukka

MD, Specialist

Radiation Therapy

Kristiina Vuolukka

After graduating, I worked few years in a health center where I also treated a lot of cancer patients. At that time I often needed to consult specialists at the cancer clinic. Inspired by my experiences, I was able to go and work at the cancer clinic and stay for good after the position of a specializing doctor became available. 

In radiotherapy, it is rewarding to see how much we can help our patients. Some are completely cured, and with terminally ill patients it is important to improve and maintain the quality of life – for example, make it possible to live at home for as long as possible or maintaining functional capacity. A very important aspect of an oncologist’s work is the connection with patients: the patient should feel like he or she has been heard, seen and understood in this in this challenging situation.

Facts about Kristiina

Speciality: Oncology,Radiation Therapy
Special skills: Radiotherapy