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Referral instructions for CyberKnife treatment

A doctor's referral is always required to access treatment. It is possible to make a referral to the Cancer Center's outpatient clinic after the cancer diagnosis and the spread of the cancer have been confirmed. The referral and its attachments are delivered directly to the Radiotherapy Unit.

Referral instruction

Referrals are always treated as urgent. Based on the referral, examinations may be arranged before the outpatient clinic visit, for example in connection with planned treatments or as additional examinations about the spread of the cancer.

The referral must contain at least:

  • diagnosis, reason of referral
  • symptoms, general condition, status
  • in the case of a new cancer, examinations already done and possible treatments
  • results of laboratory tests and imaging studies, information on tissue samples taken
  • imaging results are transferred electronically to Kuopio University Hospital’s PACS
  • if the patient has a history of cancer, key information such as the time of illness, the treatments and radiotherapy given
  • other illnesses and medications

The patient is called to the outpatient clinic according to the urgency of the disease situation no earlier than within one (1) day and no later than six (6) weeks. The aim is to arrange the treatment of severe cancer pain either on call or at the latest the next day. The urgency is decided by the doctor handling the referral.

If necessary, the treatment can be discussed with the referring doctor by phone.

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Referral address 

KUH, Cancer Center Radiotherapy Unit
Kuopio University Hospital
PL 100 70029 KYS

Telephone during the day +358 17 172 941